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    Climbing Harness Reviews

    Published February 1, 2020 in Rock Climbing - 0 Comments
    Climbing Harnesses

    Are you looking for a new climbing harness? If you enjoy rock, ice, or sport climbing, you know how important it is to have a reliable, comfortable, and easy to use harness. To help you determine which harness you'd like to purchase, we have reviewed five of the top products on the market.

    Read through our reviews to learn the features, benefits, and potential drawbacks of each option. After you're done reading our review, you should have all the information you'll need to make your decision and purchase your new harness.

    Top 5: Climbing Harnesses Review

    PETZL - SITTA, Climbing Harness for Pros, Medium

    If you are looking for a professional harness, consider the PETZL SITTA. This option is designed to be very light weight and compact, while also provide excellent support and comfort.

    It has a thin waistbelt that will keep you from feeling weighed down. The leg loops also have a low profile to help make this option more compact.

    While it is lightweight, the materials still allow this harness to do a good job with evenly distributing your weight. There are spectra stands in the leg loops and waistbelt to help ensure that you are balanced and comfortable in this option.

    PETZL added a bonded fabric in the waistbelt of this option to prevent pressure points. The bonded fabric also works to reinforce the waist band and help it last for a long time. They also used limited stitching throughout the band to prevent chaffing.

    You'll find that this option is also very easy to adjust. It has a DoubleBack HD buckle made from a strong and durable forged aluminum. The buckle is designed to be easy to handle, helping you get the harness on and off quickly.

    Around the waistbelt, there are numerous gear loops to help you attach everything you'll need with you for your climb. There are two rigid equipment loops in the front, two flexible rear loops, two tool slots, and a rear loop for a trail line.

    This option is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large.


    • This option is lightweight, yet supportive.
    • The bonded fabric in the waistbelt helps to prevent pressure points.
    • The buckle is quick and easy to adjust.


    • This is the most expensive harness we reviewed.
    Misty Mountain Men's Cadillac Harness - SM

    The Misty Mountain Cadillac Climbing Harness may quickly become your new favorite climbing accessory. It is designed to keep you comfortable, yet secure, as you climb.

    The harness features a 4.3-inch wide bi-layer waistbelt with a double buckle. It also has 2.9-inch leg loops which can be adjusted to achieve the perfect fit.

    To keep you securely in place, this product has double-pass aluminum buckles. It also has 1.25-inch waistbelt webbing made from a durable nylon material.

    The closed-cell, cross linked polyethylene foam padding will provide enough support and comfort to keep you going during a long climb.

    This harness also includes plenty of spots for you to bring along all the gear you'll need. It has six ¼-inch PE tubular gear loops. There are also ice clipper loops on each side of the belt.

    This product is available in five sizes, ranging from small to 2X-Large.


    • This option is more comfortable than many others on the market.
    • There are six gear loops as well as ice clipper loops to help you bring everything you'll need for a climb.
    • You can adjust the leg loops to find the perfect combination of comfort and security.


    • There are other options available that are less expensive than this harness.
    Black Diamond Solution Climbing Harness - Men's Black/Ultra Blue X-Small

    You'll find that the Black Diamond Solution Climbing Harness is a very comfortable option. Black Diamond's Fusion Comfort Technology uses three different strands of low-profile webbing in the waist and leg loops to help ensure your weight is evenly distributed. The harness' design also help reduce pressure on the more sensitive areas of your body.

    When you wear this option, you'll be able to move freely and easily; it is designed fit around the contours of your body. There are four gear loops that will help you bring the supplies you'll need with you. Each gear loop is also pressure-molded.

    This option can be purchased in five different sizes: X-small, small, medium, large, or X-large. It is also available in four different attractive color combinations. The colors you can choose from are black/slate, black/ultra blue, verde, and ultra blue.


    • This product uses three strands of low-profile webbing to help distribute your weight evenly and keep you comfortable.
    • It will fit around the contours of your body, allowing you to move more freely and easily.
    • There are four different color combinations to choose from.


    • There are only four gear loops on this option.
    PETZL Sama Climbing Harness Gray L

    The PETZL Sama Climbing Harness is another great option to consider. This option is designed for indoor and outdoor sport climbing. When you wear this option, you'll feel comfortable and enjoy the ability to move about freely.

    The waistbelt is designed to be slim in the front so as not to restrict your movement. It is also very flexible to make it easier for you to move about. The leg loops are stretchy to adjust to your legs without the need for a bulky buckle.

    This harness is also designed to be very comfortable. Its waistbelt and leg loops are padded and the ENDOFRAME Technology helps to ensure your weight is evenly distributed throughout the harness.

    There are five total loops on this option to help you carry all the gear you'll need. Two are rigid loops in the front to provide you with quick and easy access to whatever you'll need. There are also two addition loops in the back of the harness for gear as well as a loop for a trail line.

    You can purchase this option is a size small, medium, large, or X-large.


    • There is extra padding along the waistbelt and leg loops to keep you comfortable.
    • The waistbelt is slimmer in the front to provide you with freedom to move as you wish.
    • There are four gear hooks.


    • This harness will only work for sport climbing.
    Black Diamond Men's Momentum Climbing Harness Slate L

    As a final option, consider the Black Diamond Momentum Harness. This option is designed so you'll be able to use it for different types and styles of climbing. Its features are designed to help prevent you from wasting time adjusting your harness.

    The waistbelt buckle is pre-threaded to help you get the harness on quickly and remove the chance of user error when tightening it. This option also has four pressure-molded gear loops and a haul loop to make sure you're always prepared during a climb.

    You'll also find this to be a very comfortable option. The waistbelt is designed using Black Diamond's Dual Core Construction, which is designed to evenly distribute your weight and keep you comfortable. The trakFIT leg loops are designed so you'll be able to adjust them quickly and easily, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.

    You can purchase this option in six sizes ranging from X-small to 2X-large. It is available in five different color options: anthracite, astral blue, kingfisher, slate, and verde.


    • The waistbelt buckle is pre-threaded to help you quickly get the harness secured.
    • The Dual Core Construction Technology used in the waistbelt helps to make it feel more comfortable.
    • This product is available in six sizes and five colors.


    • The equipment loops may be too stiff to allow you to site comfortably when wearing the harness.

    Buying Guide

    When you're looking for a new climbing harness, it is important to select a quality product that will keep you comfortable and protected. Not all harnesses are exactly the same, so you will want to compare the style and features of your different options before deciding which product to purchase.

    First, you need to look for a harness that is designed for the type of climbing you are planning to do. Harness designed for trad climbing will look different from those designed for ice climbing or mountaineering. Here are a few of the different types of harnesses that are available and a few features they are likely to have:

    • Traditional (Trad) Harnesses: A harness for trad climbing will typically have multiple gear loops to allow you to bring lots of gear on your climb. This option also has more padding to keep you comfortable for extended periods of time. They will also have a haul loop that allow you to carry a second rope with you.
    • Ice Harnesses: An ice harness is very similar to a trad harness, it is just designed to be used in winter weather conditions.
    • Alpine/Mountaineering Harnesses: This type of harness is designed to be lightweight and easy to take on and off. They are made from a thinner material to allow you to wear a backpack with the harness. An alpine harness will typically have a few less gear loops than a trad harness, since you won't need to carry as much gear on the harness.
    • Sport/Gym Harnesses: Sport harnesses are also designed to be easy to put on and get off. They will typically only have two gear loops, since you won't need to bring as much gear with you. Instead of having adjustment buckles on the legs, they will often have a stretchy material that will help reduce the overall weight of the harness.

    Once you have determined the type of harness you'll need, you will want to look at the quality and durability of your different options. Be sure to choose a harness that is made from quality materials and has a high safety rating.

    Finally, consider how comfortable you'll be wearing the harness, especially if you'll be wearing it for extended periods of time. Padding and support features will help make a harness more comfortable.

    Top Pick

    The PETZL SITTA was the harness that stood out to us the most as we were conducting our reviews, so we have selected it as our top pick. It has a lot of features that we think you are sure to love.

    This harness is designed for professionals, which is clear when you look at the quality and features that is holds. It is very supportive and comfortable to wear, while also be very lightweight and compact. The wireframe technology allows the waistbelt and leg loops to evenly distribute your weight without making the harness heavy or bulky.

    PETZL - SITTA, Climbing Harness for Pros, Medium

    The waistbelt is also made with a bonded fabric which will help prevent pressure points and reinforce the band to extend its life. You can easily adjust the harness using the DoubleBack HD buckle which is also built to last using a forged aluminum.

    Finally, we think you'll enjoy this option because of its ability to help you bring all the gear you'll need with you. It has a lot of strong equipment loops which will allow you to have everything you need within easy reach when you are climbing.

    The PETZL SITTA is a great option to consider. However, if you think one of the other harnesses will best meet your needs, you won't be disappointed either. All five of the options we reviewed above are quality products that you'll enjoy using.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Long Is a Climbing Harness Good For?

    The lifespan of a climbing harness will vary depending on care and use. With average use, you should likely plan on purchase a new harness about every three years or so.

    Are All Climbing Harnesses the Same?

    No, all climbing harnesses are not the same. There are different types of harnesses designed for different types of climbing. If you are doing ice climbing, the harness you will want will look very different from that of someone doing sport climbing.

    How Much Weight Can a Climbing Harness Hold?

    You will want to be sure to consult the specific information for the harness you select, but most harnesses are designed to hold around 300 pounds. Note that this includes your weight plus the weight of any gear you'll be bringing with you.

    Final Verdict

    So, now it is time for you to make your final decision and place your order! The sooner you order your new harness, the sooner it will arrive for you to enjoy.

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