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    Cycling Short Recommendations

    Published March 28, 2020 in Cycling - 0 Comments
    Cycling Shorts

    No matter what kind of cycling you do (mountain vs road), wearing the most appropriate shorts can help keep you fresh, energized, and peddling for hours if you know what you are looking for.

    Here are some of the best cycling short for men that are out right now, and to help you figure out which one would be the best for you, we included a quick QNA that can help you for years to come.

    Top 5: Cycling Shorts Review

    Recommendation #2


    Recommendation #4


    If you are an avid road-cycler and are looking for the highest possible quality in a pair of shorts, then you have come to the right place.

    These are one of the most form-fitting pairs of cycling shorts out for men right now between the 23% spandex that they are made of and the grips on ends of both legs that almost barely budge, even after hours of cycling.

    They are one of the most expensive, but the quality is hard to beat when they are also one of the most smooth and breathable, too. They can actually be a bit cheaper than their highest price depending on what color (black, silver, or blue) you get and/or the size (X-small through 4X-large).


    • Has leg grips.
    • Comes with built-in reflectors.
    • Is one of the most breathable and form-fitting.


    • Is one of the more expensive ones.

    These are one of the few cycling shorts that look like cargo shorts, and they are actually fairly similar to them, too. They have the regular hip pockets along with a few small, bottom leg pockets and the rear butt pockets.

    These are specially designed for mountain cycling so that you can be a bit warmer while you are on the mountain trail, are a little more protected in case of a fall, and can carry basic things with you while you bike like phone, wallet, keys, etc.

    These are about the same price as the last pair if not a little more expensive (depending on the size), but you can get them in brighter, more noticeable colors like red and neon green or dark colors like blue, charcoal, black, and black-red.


    • Are great for off-road cycling.
    • Can come in several colors and sizes.
    • Are one of the most popular ones.


    • Is one of the more expensive ones.

    These are a bit more similar to the first pair of shorts, but they are a bit longer, more colorful, and more breathable (just slightly) between the 80% nylon and 20% spandex.

    Like the first pair, these are also machine washable, but they are not drier friendly or bleach safe since it can ruin the color and affect the elasticity of the shorts; so try to avoid putting them in the wash after doing a load with bleach.

    The price differences in size (small to 3X-large) and color (black with grey, blue, green, dark green, white, or pattern) can vary quite a bit, though. Still, these are one of the more comfortable pairs that you can get between the soft material and the padded bottom.


    • Is one of the most breathable.
    • Can come in several colors and sizes.
    • Has padded bottoms.


    • Price can vary greatly depending on size and color.

    This is one of the more unique pairs of 'shorts' that is sort of like a wrestling leotard, and it can be worn how it is or underneath some workout clothes as under armor.

    It can come in five different sizes, small through X-large, and 3 different colors, with a black line, white line, or black.

    This is one of the most breathable pairs out right now, and the sleeve design makes up for the less elasticity throughout the material, so you do not have to worry about it falling down or riding up. The leg grips that go completely around the ends of the legs help too.


    • Is specially for races.
    • Can come in different sizes and colors.
    • Is machine washable.


    • Sizing needs to be accurate.

    The last on the list, this is one of the more affordable pairs of shorts out there, and you might think that it is one of the most comfortable, too. Like some of the other pairs, it has a butt pad inside of it that is made of gel so that you can ride longer.

    The polyester and spandex are also pretty even so it does not ride up or curl up at all and breathes fairly well. The grips on the legs could be a little less firm and more gel-like; they may friction burn if you try to take them off quickly.

    Still, for how much they are and the number of choices when it comes to sizes (small to 3X-large) and colors (black with black, blue, yellow, red, and more) really help to throw it up on this list.


    • Is one of the most popular.
    • Can come in several shapes and sizes.
    • Is sweat-friendly.


    • Silicone grip on leg can be uncomfortable.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Kind of Cycling Shorts Are There?

    There two main types of cycling shorts that are pretty easy to find: loose and tight. Loose shorts are a little rarer since more people prefer tight shorts since they cling better.

    However, if you are the type of person who cannot stand it when their shorts either ride or curl up from your natural curve, moving around, and/or sweating, then you may be better off looking for loose shorts. One good pro to them is that they are usually meant for mountain cycling (like the second product), so they are still fairly comfortable.

    What Are Some Extra Features That Cycling Shorts Have?

    For road or sidewalk cycling, it is actually becoming more common for reflectors to be made into things like shirt and shorts so that you do not have to wear a reflective vest or a million lights to show where you are.

    The other nice thing is that the reflective material is very unnoticeable unless you touch it (it has a slightly firmer/harder texture.

    Some of the newer and higher-quality tight shorts also have grips along the edge of the leg to prevent them from riding or rolling up, too. This can be a big help, but it can also pull leg hair; so you may want to shave or be careful when putting them on and taking them off.

    What Material Is the Best?

    If you are planning on doing mountain cycling, then you may want to wear thicker material like cotton. Yes, you will get warmer faster, but it can help to cushion the blow and prevent scratches if you were to fall off your bike.

    If you plan on doing road cycling, then you should try to stick to polyester or nylon since they are pretty good at being breathable. If you want your shorts to be tight, spandex can be one of the best choices.

    You may want to wear polyester if you sweat a lot since it can dry faster than nylon, but if you have more sensitive skin (can chafe easily) then nylon is probably your better bet.

    Final Verdict

    Hands down, the winner for the best out of these five pairs of shorts would have to be the Men's Elite Padded Cycling Shorts. They are one of the most comfortable, safest, and long-lasting pairs of cycling shorts out right now, and they are also fairly stylish, too.

    If your curiosity was peaked, go ahead and click the link above to see how well they would work for you and your future cycling tours. The others might be more up to your speed if you were looking for something a little different, too.

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