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    Best Ice Hockey Skates

    Published April 9, 2020 in Hockey - 0 Comments
    Ice Hockey Skates

    Most people know that the sport of ice hockey requires an extremely special set of skills and talents. Balance, stamina, strength, and teamwork are all crucial aspects to the sport of ice hockey, but most people fail to recognize some of the alternative tools that are extremely important when competing in the sport of ice hockey.

    The most important piece of equipment for the purpose of playing ice hockey might be the hockey skates. This is an important thing to consider when browsing the Amazon marketplace for the right pair of skates, but comfort will be crucial in order to balance all of the important factors and skills that are required.

    Ice hockey players require a high-quality pair of skates to help balance them when they are out on the hockey rink competing. There are many reputable brands that create skates for the ice hockey industry, but everyone has a slightly different preference for the level of comfort that they desire.

    The really nice thing about ice hockey skates is that most of the brands offer in-depth customization options. This means that many of the products that you see listed within this review will have several variations, sizes, and customization options. You will be able to align your desired criteria with each of our selections and make it significantly easier to find a pair of skates that works for you.

    Top 5: Ice Hockey Skates Review

    We wanted to make the 5th Element Stealth Ice Hockey Skates our top selection because many of our readers will likely be casual or recreational skaters that are looking for a cot-effective pair of skates. These premium skates are designed with a special reinforcements on the outer shell of the skate. This heavy-duty design can protect your feet from fast-moving hockey pucks and other potential impacts that could cause serious injuries.

    These 5th Element Stealth Ice Hockey Skates are really great choices for new hockey players that are just starting out in the sport of ice hockey. These skates will allow newer players to get comfortable and it will also allow them to focus on learning the fundamentals of ice hockey.

    As we mentioned in our introduction, balance and agility might be the most important skill sets that you will have to master. A poor-quality pair of skates will significantly decrease your chances of success. For those reasons, we highly recommend that all of our customers take a look at the 5th Element Stealth Ice Hockey Skates.

    There are currently four different size options available to choose from on the Amazon marketplace. This pair of skates from 5th Element has also received exceptional customer feedback ratings on the Amazon web store.


    • Several Size Options are Available.
    • Heavy-Duty Design with Special Safety Features.
    • Great Pair of Skates for Beginners and Casual Players.


    • Average Price Range.
    • Not Ideal for Competitive Ice Hockey.

    Our next selection for this product review will focus on the cost-effective design of the Tour Hockey Tr-750 Ice Hockey Skates. These generously-priced hockey skates are integrated with several impressive safety features. A set of heavy-duty quarter-panels have been added to the outer shell of the skates. A firm ankle support has also been designed and implemented to try and prevent serious ankle and leg injuries.

    There are seven different size variations currently available on Amazon for the Tour Hockey Tr-750 Ice Hockey Skates. The positive customer ratings are also a clear signal that this pair of skates can get the job done out on the ice. If you are planning a trip to the hockey rink in the near future, then your experience might be enhanced significantly after you purchase these high-quality Tour Hockey Tr-750 Ice Hockey Skates. They are extremely comfortable, durable, and perfect for hockey players of all skill levels.


    • Perfect for Players of All Skill Levels.
    • Seven Size Options are Available.
    • Several Safety Features have been Integrated (Ankle Supports and Quarter Panels).
    • Cost-Effective Price Range.


    • Not Comfortable for Everyone.

    As we continue to look at some of the best-rated choices on Amazon, we have finally arrived at our third-place selection for this review. The American Ice Force 2.0 Hockey Skates are crafted specifically for beginners. These skates are lightweight, durable, and comfortable for casual players that are at the beginner-stages of their ice hockey career. The positive customer ratings clearly express the impressive level of quality and comfort that has integrated into these American Ice Force 2.0 Hockey Skates.

    We were really impressed with the size customization options that are available on the product page. There are currently nine size variations that range from between Size 5 and Size 13. The cost-effective price range for this item is also another factor to consider before making your final decision.


    • Positive Customer Ratings on Amazon.
    • Perfect for Beginners and Casual Players (Indoors and Outdoors Usage).
    • Lightweight and Comfortable Skate Design.


    • Some Sizes are More Expensive than Others.
    • Some Size Variations are Limited in Quantity.

    We are now going to shift our focus towards the innovative design of the Jackson Ultima Softec Sport Ice Skates. There are four color selections available, including nifty designs in black, white, and blue. The stylish color variations aren't the only popular feature on this pair of skates. There are also several safety features that people really seem to like, especially after reading through some of the customer ratings.

    The primary safety feature that was implemented into the design of these Jackson Ultima Softec Sport Ice Skates is the additional ultra-soft foam padding that provides comfort and protection. The lightweight design also increases balance and agility for casual players. This premium set of skates from Jackson Ultima has earned an exceptional reputation on Amazon for being crafted with heavy-duty materials and premium levels of quality. There are certainly some alternative brands with a cheaper price tag, but it might be challenging for some customers to turn this selection down.

    It might be a good idea for some of our interested readers to visit the Amazon product page. The customer ratings section is a fantastic resource of information. You will be able to read through in-depth customer reviews that thoroughly discuss all of the important design characteristics and features that have been crafted into the design of these skates.


    • Multiple Size and Color Variations are Available.
    • Lightweight Skate Design with Several Safety Features.
    • Outstanding Customer Feedback.


    • Expensive Price Range.
    • Not Ideal for Competitive Ice Hockey.

    We couldn't conclude our buyer's guide without including a product from one of ice hockey's most reputable brands, Bauer. This pair of Bauer Junior Ice Hockey Skates is perfect for junior players that are playing competitive ice hockey. These unique skates are durable, strong, and comfortable for players that are looking for an increased level of balance and agility out on the ice. Bauer has always done a fantastic job at customizing their designs to ensure that players get what they need out of the skates.

    From a competitive point of view, these Bauer Junior Ice Hockey Skates are extremely popular, and they could probably be considered one of the best selections for junior players in the entire industry. There are also some important safety features that need to be discussed and looked at. The special ankle supports are more effective because of the unique skate design and its impressive heavy-duty quality. Players might notice an increased level of stability and control when wearing these skates because of the aerodynamic advantages.

    If you are looking for a set of ice hockey skates for competitive ice hockey, then we highly recommend that you look at the Bauer brand. These Bauer Junior Ice Hockey Skates
    are absolutely ideal for competitive athletes at the junior level. If you are looking for a similar pair of skates for the senior age range, then we highly recommend that you check out this similar pair of senior skates from Bauer.


    • Ideal for Competitive Junior Ice Hockey.
    • Premium Design Quality.
    • Reputable Ice Hockey Brand (Outstanding Customer Feedback).


    • Expensive Price Range.
    • Some Sizes have Limited Quantity Available.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Much Do Ice Hockey Skates Cost?

    The price gap for ice hockey skates depends on several factors. Casual or recreational skates are going to be significantly cheaper because they are not as durable. They also do not include some of the important safety features that would be desired during competitive ice hockey games.

    Recreational skates like the 5th Element Stealth Ice Hockey Skates are usually fairly affordable. We highly recommend the Stealth Ice Hockey Skates from 5th Element because they are perfect for casual players that are looking to get started in the sport of ice hockey from a beginner's perspective.

    There are also high-end ice hockey skates from reputable brands like Bauer. For example, the Bauer Junior Ice Hockey Skates are several times more expensive than some of our cheaper recommendations, but they are crafted with higher-levels of quality and several safety features.

    You might also notice that they are designed for competitive junior hockey. With all of that being said, recreational ice hockey skates can cost around 50 dollars, and high-end competitive ice hockey skates can cost several times more than that.

    What Factors Are Most Important When Browsing for Ice Hockey Skates?

    These factors really depend on your specific skill level. New players will likely want to find a forgiving pair of ice skates that promote stability, balance, and agility. You will also want to find and purchase a reliable pair of ice hockey skates that don't deteriorate over time.

    Competitive players might be looking for something a little bit different. Safety features are typically more important when searching for high-end ice skates. You will also notice features like foam padding, ankle protection, quarter panels, and other similar safety additions that competitive players have to consider seriously.

    The final factor that everyone will have to consider is the price range. Everyone has a different budget, but everyone also has a different purpose for their ice hockey skates. Casual players can expect to pay quite a bit less for their pair of ice skates, but competitive players with more experience will likely find themselves paying a lot more when everything is over with.

    Final Verdict

    Browsing the market for a high-quality pair of ice hockey skates is not an easy task. In fact, this can be extremely stressful, frustrating, and even draining. We have included several important resources for you to reference throughout your product search. This information will be extremely important as you try to make your purchase selection.

    The best way to narrow down your options is to find ice hockey skates that align with your specified criteria. This can quickly be accomplished be reading through the pros and cons, as well as viewing the customer feedback sections on the product pages.

    You should take some time to evaluate all of the available resources, and then you should be able to transition your focus towards making a final decision. There are five extremely reputable products listed within this buyer's guide, but you will ultimately have to make the final decision as to which pair of ice hockey skates that you buy.

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