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    Ice Hockey Stick Recommendations

    Published January 31, 2020 in Hockey - 0 Comments
    Ice Hockey Sticks

    Are you looking for a new hockey stick? Perhaps you're new to hockey, or maybe your current stick is in need of an upgrade. Either way, you've come to the right spot!

    We have reviewed five of the best hockey sticks that are currently on the market. After you read through our reviews, you'll be armed with all the information you'll need to select the best stick for your next practice or game!

    Top 5: Ice Hockey Sticks Review

    Arsenal Jealousy High Performance Carbon Fiber Ice Hockey Stick | Right, A92, Senior/Adult, 85 Flex, Grip

    The Arsenal Jealousy Ice Hockey Stick will help you perform when you're out on the ice. It has a 60-inch shaft (top to heel, 66 inches top to toe), an A92 curve and an 85 flex. This product can be purchased for both right- and left-handed users.

    This option is made from a woven carbon composite, making it durable, lightweight, and very responsive. The stick weights just 420 grams, so you'll be able to maneuver about the ice with it very easily.

    You'll be impressed with how quickly you'll send pucks flying thanks to the enhanced kick point. The manufacturer offers a 45-day warranty as a guarantee of the quality of this item.

    This product is designed to be used for a variety of reasons, such as rec league hockey, intramural squads, pick-up games, or even a friendly game of hockey on a frozen pond.

    You'll also look stylish out of the ice with this sleek stick. It is gray with white and orange accents.


    • The stick is made from a durable and lightweight woven carbon composite.
    • The enhanced kick point will help you to quickly release a puck.
    • A 45-day guarantee is included to protect your purchase.


    • This is the most expensive option on our list.
    Arsenal Covet Carbon Fiber Ice Hockey Stick (Senior/Sr/Adult) (Right, Grip, 85)

    The Arsenal Covet Performance Ice Hockey Stick is another option you'll want to look closely at. This product is available with both a 75 and 85 flex. It has an A 92 curve, which matches the most common curve pattern seen today.

    The blade on this stick is made from a woven carbon fiber. This material helps to make the blade stiffer and more responsive. The stick also has an optimized kick point which will help you quickly release a puck.

    This is a good option to consider if you are a more experienced player looking for a stick that will really perform well for you out on the ice. It is lightweight, yet also very durable and long-lasting. Both forward and defensive hockey players can benefit from using this product.

    This option can be purchased for right- and left-handed users. The manufacturer also includes a 45-day warranty with your purchase.


    • This stick is a good option to consider if you are a more experienced player.
    • The carbon fiber composite material makes the stick lightweight and durable.
    • It has an optimized kick point.


    • There are only one curve and two flex options available for this hockey stick.
    Surgeon RX3.1 Hockey Stick, Senior, Right, 85, X88, Black/Blue

    If you are looking for a product that is available in a variety of sizes and flexes, consider the STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3.1. This option can be purchased for youth, senior, and intermediate players. Depending on the size you select, you'll also be able to choose from five different shaft styles/flexes: 45, 60, 75, 85, and 100.

    This product is designed with a flex peak in the lower section of the shaft to allow you to respond quickly. However, the upper section of the shaft is designed to be stiffer to help the stick carry a larger load when needed.

    Silver Streak has been injected into the blade's base to make it both durable and more stable. The underside of the shaft also features an ergonomic design which will help provide more hand contact points to help you maintain greater control of the hockey stick. This option also has an ultra-high balance point which is designed to help the stick feel better in your hands and help it perform for you out on the ice.


    • You can purchase this product in a variety of sizes and flexes.
    • The Silver Streak that is injected into the blade helps make it durable and stable.
    • The lower section's flex peak will help you respond quickly when you're out on the ice.


    • A few users have noted that this option is not as durable as some other products.
    Arsenal Envy Carbon Fiber Ice Hockey Stick (Senior/Sr/Adult) (Right, Grip, 75)

    If you're any experienced player looking for a quality hockey stick, you should definitely consider the Arsenal Envy Hockey Stick. This product is available with a 65, 75, or 85 shaft/flex, making it a good option for intermediates and seniors.

    It is made from composite materials, allowing it to be both durable and lightweight. You'll also be impressed with how well this stick performs. It has an A92 curve.

    You'll love hold this option. It has a perfectly balanced blade-to-shaft ratio. You also have the option to purchase it with it or without a grip material on the shaft.

    This stick will also help you look sleek and cool out on the ice. It has a gray and black base with green and white accents.


    • This option is made using composite materials, so it is very durable.
    • You can purchase it with or without a grip material on the shaft.
    • It can be purchased with a flex of 65, 75, or 85.


    • This option is heavier than some other products you'll see.
    STX Ice Hockey Stallion HPR 1.2 Senior Hockey Stick, Left, X28, 85

    A final option for you to consider is the STX Ice Hockey Stallion HPR. This product is designed with an ultra-high balance point to deliver performance out on the ice. This model has been optimized to provide the ultimate mix of durability without sacrificing quality.

    You can purchase this stick for both right- and left-handed users. It is available with a flex of 75, 85, or 100. The flex profile is designed to help you release energy when shooting, helping your puck to fly across the ice.

    Compared to previous models, this option has been upgraded with Pureblade Power. The blade is designed to be both stiff, while also being lightweight and maneuverable.

    The shaft features a raised texture with a matte grip to help you maintain the perfect hold and maintain control of your stick.


    • You can choose from a flex of 75, 85, or 100.
    • The blade has been upgraded with Pureblade Power to make it both lightweight and stiff.
    • The raised texture and matte grip on the shaft will help you control this option.


    • A few users have complained that this option breaks more easily than some other hockey sticks.

    Buying Guide

    When you're out on the ice, it is important to have a quality hockey stick to help you perform at your peak levels. All hockey sticks are not the same, so be sure to carefully consider your different options to select the one that will best meet your needs. There are a few different considerations you'll want to make before you purchase a new hockey stick.

    First, you should decide on the material you are looking for. Today, most of the options you'll find are made from composite materials, but there are still some wood options available.

    Composite sticks are more popular since they weigh less and deliver more consistent performance. However, some people still prefer wood because of its durability and longer lifespan.

    The flex of the shaft is something else you'll want to consider. This refers to how much the shaft will bend under pressure. Stiffer shafts will have a higher flex rating.

    To help you determine the right flex rating for you, look for a flex that is about half of your body weight. If you weight 180 pounds, a 90 flex hockey stick should be about right. However, your playing style and other factors may impact which is the best option for you, so don't rely on the "half your weight rule" as the be-all and end-all for selecting the right flex.

    You will also want to look at the kick point of each stick. This refers to which area of the shaft will bend the most when you are shooting or passing the puck. You will need to consider how you play to determine whether a low-, mid-, or high-kick point will be the best option for you.

    High-kick points are typically recommended for taking shots far from the net or slap shots. Low-kick points are best for quicker shots or shots where you are closer to the net. If you tend to take a mix of different types of shots, then you'll likely want to look for a mid-kick point.

    Finally, you will want to choose a hockey stick that is the right size for you. Overall, this decision will be made based on your height, but your playing style may have some impact on it as well. Be sure to consult a sizing chart to ensure you pick the right stick.

    Top Pick

    While we think you'll enjoy using any of the hockey sticks we reviewed above, our top pick is the Arsenal Jealousy Ice Hockey Stick. We think you'll be impressed with the performance this product will deliver.

    This option is available for both left- and right-handed users. It has a 60-inch shaft length (from the top to the heel), an 85 flex, and an A92 curve.

    Arsenal Jealousy High Performance Carbon Fiber Ice Hockey Stick | Right, A92, Senior/Adult, 85 Flex, Grip

    This stick is also incredibly lightweight; it weighs just 420 grams. The woven carbon composite material used to make the stick contributes to its lighter weight, while still making it a very durable option to consider.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is the Difference Between Composite Hockey Sticks and Wood Hockey Sticks?

    Wood hockey sticks were the most popular option years ago. They are still used by many players, but not in the NHL. As their name suggests, this option is made from wood, which makes it a much heavier option. The performance of a wood stick also may decrease as it is used more.

    A composite hockey stick is made using a blend of fiberglass and woven carbon fiber. These materials make them lighter and help them to deliver more consistent performance. The downside of these sticks is that they typically don't last as long as wooden sticks do.

    How Long of a Hockey Stick Do I Need?

    Your height and playing positions will have an impact on how long of a stick you'll need. In general, when you are standing in your skates, you want the end of your stick to be between 1 and 2 inches above or below your chin. You may experience greater control and handling with a shorter stick, but a longer stick will help you make those more powerful shots.

    If I'm Right-Handed, Will I Need a Right-Handed Hockey Stick?

    Your dominant hand off the ice may not be the same as on the ice. The hand that is lower on a hockey stick when you are holding it is considered your dominant hand. If you aren't sure which way you hold a stick, you may want to do some experimenting before placing an order.

    Final Verdict

    With the enhanced kick point, you'll be amazed at how quickly you'll be able to send pucks flying. Plus, this product comes with a 45-day warranty, so there really is no reason not to give it a try. Add the Arsenal Jealousy Ice Hockey Stick to your cart today; you won't regret it!

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