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    Lacrosse Stick Recommendations

    Published March 28, 2020 in Lacrosse - 0 Comments
    Lacrosse Sticks

    Lacrosse is one of the most popular field sports out in many schools, but some do not provide sticks. If that is the case or you are just looking to get into or back into the sport, then this list of some of the best lacrosse sticks should help you find some of the newest and best models out right now.

    Keep reading to the end to find out the answers to some questions you may have about lacrosse sticks and how to pick the one that would be perfect for you.

    Top 5: Lacrosse Sticks Review

    While this is one of the more expensive sticks, this one can last you for several seasons and years of regular games and practices. The material of the stick, head, and even the strings is so strong and durable that it can handle some of the rougher players.

    The size is also regulation-quality, too, making it a perfect option if it fits into your school/team/league's standards.

    You might not be able to select the color like some of the other sticks, but you could always paint it if you get a color that you do not like, or you want to have your school's or teams' colors on your stick.


    • Comes in a random color.
    • Is ideal for attack and midfield.
    • Is one of the most durable.


    • Is one of the more expensive ones.

    This stick is a bit of an oddball since the shaft is made from a pretty uncommon material: Krytonite. It is nearly just as durable as the last product, but this one has a slightly shorter lifespan, even if you are just as rough with it as the previous product.

    It is a little more affordable than the last one but is still above average price for most sticks. This one does not come in random or selectable colors, either; only black shaft with a white net.

    One good plus is that the material of the shaft is more waterproof than some of the other materials, making it less likely to age if you left it in the rain or are practicing/playing a game in the rain.


    • Is specifically for younger players.
    • Is ideal for attack and midfield.
    • Is one of the most durable.


    • Is one of the more expensive ones.

    This is another regulation-quality stick that you can get, and it is about the average price as most of the sticks you will find on the internet. The shaft material is alloy, so it can be a little durable than some of the other sticks. Although, it is fairly easy to control.

    Unfortunately, because it is so popular, it is out of stock fairly often and can take a little while before it becomes available again. Thankfully, that is the white/black/platinum color. The black version is actually in stock quite often.


    • Can come in several colors.
    • Is ideal for attack and midfield.
    • Is good for beginners.


    • Is out of stock often.

    This is another regulation stick, and it is also one of the few that are specifically designed for men's lacrosse. It has about the same control and quality as the last model.

    The only major difference is that it can get dented fairly easily compared to the last product. Even so, if you are tight on money and need a stick soon, this could be the one for you, as long as you are careful with it. It also only comes in black.


    • Is regulation-quality.
    • Is ideal for attack and midfield.
    • Is good for beginners.


    • Is a little less durable.

    The last on the list, this is probably the most affordable lacrosse stick right now, and for the price, the quality is not half bad. It is specifically designed for middle schoolers, but it is light enough and easily controllable for them to learn quickly on it.

    You might notice that it is about as durable as the last model, but it can be cheap to replace, which you can expect will happen since it is more meant for inexperienced children to learn with them; and we can guess that they will love to play around with them occasionally.


    • Is one of the most affordable.
    • Is for younger players.
    • Is ideal for attack and midfield.


    • Is less durable.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Long Should Your Lacrosse Stick Be?

    The length of your stick depends on what position you play. If you are a goalie, your stick should only be about 35 to 52 inches long since you are only protecting the goal.

    If you are attack or midfield, then your stick should be around 35 to 43 inches long. If you are playing defense, the stick is within that same range but is usually on the longer end of the spectrum.

    Remember, the stick length is from the butt to the throat of the head, not the end/scoop of the head.

    Should Your Stick Be Regulation-Quality?

    If you are planning on playing for a team or in a league, then yes. There are a wide variety of stick lengths and head sizes, and depending on who you are playing for or with, there may be certain restrictions.

    There are some schools that will only use a specific brand or model based on their safety, and even if you found one that is regulation, it does not guarantee that it will be allowed in a school or private game unless they follow regulation standards.

    Why Do Some Sticks Not Come with Strings?

    There are some people who like to use a specific set of strings, and some companies sell sticks without strings so that you can use the ones you want. However, if you do decide to get a stick without strings, make sure that the strings you use are solely for lacrosse sticks.

    You may also want to ask for help from a fellow player or your coach when it comes to stringing your stick so that you know how to properly do it in the future.

    Is the Material Important?

    Yes, the material of the stick is important; not necessarily the string material, but the metal. Most sticks are made with an aluminum alloy, but you can find a few that are made with titanium, scandium, composite, and even old-fashioned wood.

    Each has its own pros and cons, but some are better when it comes to certain positions. Aluminum is heavy and durable, making it great for beginners. Titanium is light enough to be used for offense and strong enough to be used for defense.

    Scandium is one of the longest-lasting ones and is often used by pros. Composite ones are the lightest out of the rest and good for transitioning from beginner to experienced levels.

    Wood sticks are the most classic and not very often used. They are possibly the heaviest and definitely one of the strongest but can be harder to grip.

    Final Verdict

    If you are looking for the best stick that will last you the longest possible time, then you probably would want the first product, the String King Complete Attack Lacrosse Stick.

    It has one of the strongest durabilities out of all of these other sticks and is more cost efficient than regularly replacing a cheaper-priced lacrosse stick. Go ahead and click the link above to check it out for yourself.

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