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    MMA Glove Recommendations

    Published March 28, 2020 in MMA - 0 Comments
    MMA Gloves

    If you are into MMA (mixed martial arts), then you know how important it is to use the proper technique and equipment. One of the most important pieces is your gloves, and finding the kind that will give you the comfort and confidence to win your next match can be a bit tricky, especially if you are a little new to the sport and do not know what to look for.

    That is why we put together this quick list of five of the best MMA gloves that you can get today along with a brief QNA of questions that you may have when trying to pick a pair out.

    Top 5: MMA Gloves Review

    Recommendation #2


    This is one of the most protective and comfortable pair of gloves out there now that can be used for a wide variety of martial arts.

    The sizing chart is pretty simple to use, and you can get the gloves in several different colors (black with black, blue, green, purple, red, and more). They are also one of the few vegan-friendly, leather gloves, too; after all, many athletes, not just MMA fighters, are vegan.


    • Give freedom while protecting your fingers.
    • Are available in several sizes and colors.
    • Are vegan.


    • Are more expensive than most.

    These are one of the simplest and yet most supportive fingered gloves out right now, and, yes, they are official UFC gloves. One of the cooler features is that you can get them not only in a men's size and design, but also a women's too.

    The wrist strap is about the same size and strength as the last pair, but the fit on the fingers is a bit more firm than some of the other gloves, which is actually a good thing. It can help to support your hands more, help warm you up, and prevent injury and cramping.

    The leather seems to protect the knuckles fairly well, too; so you might want to try these out in your next practice sparring match.


    • Simple and effective.
    • Are available for men and women.
    • Can come in several sizes.


    • Can be more expensive than most.

    These are another pair from Hayabusa, but these are designed to be a little more supportive when it comes to hand fatigue while training and while in the middle of a fight. So if you have problems with your hand's strength, you may want to take another look at this pair.

    They can come in several sizes from small to X-large and you can get them in black with black, blue, green, or purple or white with black. Some of the sizes are not available for every color, though.

    Still, this can be a great option if you want to build up your strength but also your resilience and stamina.


    • Can come in several sizes and colors.
    • Has a strong durability.
    • Helps prevent hand fatigue.


    • Are more expensive than most.

    The only other fingerless gloves on this list, these are pretty similar to a classic pair of boxing gloves. Compared to the first product, they are just about as supportive, but the padding on the front does not seem to be as thick.

    Still, they definitely do the job when it comes to protecting your wrist and fingers. The price can be a bit much depending on the size (regular to X-large) and color (white, red, or blue) you get, but the quality is fairly decently for the lower-prices ones.

    You might like these gloves better if you are more worried about your wrists' strength since it seems to be able to support it much better than most of the other gloves both on and off this list.


    • Give freedom while protecting your fingers.
    • Are available in several sizes and colors.
    • Has a supportive wrist strap.


    • Are more expensive than most.

    These are one of the more padded, fingered gloves out there, making them not only more comfortable but a little bit safer, too. They are also one of the more affordable pairs that are fairly decent quality.

    The only downside with this pair is that the extra padding can make your palms and hand sweat more quickly. Then again, during the fight, you will probably break a sweat quickly anyway; be extra careful when you are training with them.

    You can get these gloves in the regular sizes (small through X-large), and they can come in back with white accents or gold accents.


    • Is one of the more affordable ones.
    • Can come in several sizes and colors.
    • Can be used for several martial arts.


    • Palms can get a little sweaty.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Should You Pick Fingerless or Fingered Gloves?

    It all depends on what martial arts you are doing and where you are doing it. Some gyms and competitions may have rules for what equipment (ie. gloves) you can use for which fights and when.

    If you want to play it say, you can get a pair of fingerless and fingered gloves so that you have both. However, if you are just practicing and are not in a match, fingered gloves can be a good option so that you are less likely to injure yourself before a match.

    Fingerless gloves are a good option for long-term strength training and toughing up your hands, but they can be more dangerous to use during a sparring match (practice). Although, if you are planning on fighting a fingerless-glove match, then you might want to practice a few rounds before the match so that you are not surprised by how it feels.

    What Material Should You Get?

    One of the most common, most durable, and most favored of all the materials is leather. While there are boat tons (cow, vegan, pleather, etc.), the ones that can work best for you are the ones that are the thickets. They will provide the most amount of protection regardless of if they are fingerless or fingered.

    Leather gloves also last fairly long, too, even more so if you care for them after each fight (clean, oil, polish, etc.).

    What Size Should You Get?

    Most gloves have a pretty basic sizing chart: measure the circumference of your hand when it is open and flat (like a high-five but with your fingers closed yet relaxed). Then, relate that number to the size on the chart to find which size would be best for you.

    Final Verdict

    The first product, the Hayabusa T3 7oz Hybrid MMA Gloves, is possibly the best on this list between the amount of physical support they can give you, how much they can protect you, and how comfortable they are while you are working out with them.

    Feel free to click the link and check them out if you just like the sound of them and want to get a pair for yourself or for a friend. If you think one of the other pairs were more suited towards you or someone you know, you can click the other links and check those out, too.

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