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    Running Watch Reviews

    Published March 28, 2020 in Running - 0 Comments
    Running Watches

    A running watch is designed to track important analytical information when exercising. These types of running watches are also known as navigational watches, fitness watches, or GPS watches. We will be looking at five of the best options available on Amazon within this buyer's guide. There are a lot of things to look for when browsing the marketplace for a high-quality running watch, but one of the most important factors to consider is durability. A lot of customers look for an affordable price range as well.

    There are dozens of innovative features being integrated into these types of watches. Many of them are capable of tracking distance, location, and heart rate. They can easily be placed on your wrist, and they are designed to function just like any other type of watch that you would buy from the store.

    Customer feedback has also played a major role in our product listings. We have organized these five selections based on popularity in some respects. The customer feedback section is not the only factor that we considered, but we did look at customer ratings seriously before making our five selections. It is now time to shift focus towards the actual product reviews, but we will also be answering some common questions in the FAQ portion of this post after we complete our product reviews.

    Top 5: Running Watches Review

    Recommendation #5


    Our top recommendation will focus on the impressive modern design that comes with the Garmin Forerunner 35 Easy-to-Use GPS Running Watch. This watch has a built-in GPS system that can easily track speed, distance, and pace. A heart-rate monitoring system is also integrated into the design of this watch. The heart-race sensor outputs accurate information and vibration alerts will automatically notify you when you reach a fitness milestone.

    In terms of popularity, the Garmin Forerunner 35 Easy-to-Use GPS Running Watch is one of the most popular cost-effective watches in the entire industry. The convenient modern design is extremely popular with customers, and there are even four unique color options to choose from on the Amazon product page.

    If you are looking for a brand new fitness running watch for your upcoming workouts, then we highly recommend that you strongly consider purchasing this premium Garmin Forerunner 35 Easy-to-Use GPS Running Watch.


    • Built-In GPS and Heart Rate Monitor.
    • Four Unique Colors Available.
    • Automatic Vibration Alerts for Fitness Milestones.


    • Expensive Price Range.

    Our second product choice is the Coros APEX Premium Multisport GPS Watch. This premium watch is designed with long-lasting durability and an impressive battery life. There are four variations available on the Amazon page, but there are also several other convenient features that might catch your attention.

    One of the more innovative features that you might appreciate is the in-depth tracking system. This device can transform into an altimeter, barometer, compass, or GPS, all from the click of a button. There are also two different size options to select from on the Amazon page. This premium watch is a lot more expensive than some of the other choices in this review, but it has several modern and innovative features that will catch your attention.


    • Several Color Variations.
    • Premium Design Features (GPS, Altimeter, Barometer, HR Sensor).
    • Longer Battery Life.


    • Expensive Price Range.
    • Minor Durability Issues.

    Some people might be interested in this cost-effective Fitness Tracker Watch with Heart Rate and Sleep Monitors integrated into the design. There are two different color variations, including black or green. This multi-purpose watch can enhance your fitness program and make it significantly easier to track milestones. The built-in heart rate sensor and sleep monitors are just two additional features that customers appreciate.

    There are some minor issues related to durability and accuracy, but that is probably somewhat expected after looking at how much more affordable this Fitness Tracker Watch is when compared to some of the other premium selections within this review.


    • Extremely Affordable Price Range.
    • Innovative Features Include HR Sensor and Sleep Monitor.
    • Daily Activity Tracker with 8 Different Modes.


    • Slightly Inaccurate in Some Conditions.
    • Minor Durability Issues.

    Our fourth-placed product is the Polar M430 GPS Running Watch. This particular watch is available in five different color schemes, including vibrant options like green or orange. There are a few different size customization options also available, but most people like the medium selection.

    This watch is integrated with a GPS tracking system, as well as a system that tracks several fitness attributes during extensive workouts. Many customers have left a positive review after experiencing a workout with this running watch, but some people might still think it is a little bit too expensive.


    • Positive Customer Ratings.
    • Built-In GPS and Fitness Tracker.
    • Five Vibrant Color Options.


    • Slightly Expensive Price Range.

    Our final product review will focus on the FITVII Smart Watch. This smart watch can also be used as a fitness tracker, mainly because it comes with a built-in fitness tracking system and sleep monitor. The waterproof design adds to the durability of this watch, but the convenient touchscreen can be used to change functionality to your discretion.

    The cost-effective price range is paired with a longer battery life, which has resulted in positive customer reactions in the review section on Amazon. We highly recommend that you customize your watch before completing your purchase as well. There are four stylish color variations available on the Amazon product page.


    • Four Stylish Color Choices.
    • Waterproof Design with Impressive Touch Screen.
    • Cost-Effective Price Range.


    • Somewhat Inaccurate Analytics.
    • Minor Compatibility Issues.
    • Minor Durability Issues.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Running Watches Worth the Price?

    Everyone will probably have a different opinion, but there is a good chance that you are at least considering the purchase of a running watch if you are reading through this product review.

    There are many valuable purposes for a running watch, but some of the most impressive features include the in-depth analytical tracking during workout sessions. These types of watches can track several important statistics, but the premium running watches are usually more accurate and they have longer battery lives.

    Final Verdict

    We highly recommend that all potential customers slowly read through our product reviews to try and narrow down their options before finalizing their Amazon purchase. There are so many products on Amazon, but we have managed to select our top five choices and present them to you here within this post.

    We have also included a list of pros and cons along side our product reviews. This information could be used as an imperative resource to try and help you make your purchase decision. You should also take a few moments to visit the product page for each item to see what customers are saying about their purchases within the customer review section.

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