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    Surfboard Recommendations

    Published March 29, 2020 in Surfing - 0 Comments

    There are a lot of popular water-related activities that people participate in during the warmer months of the year. One of the most popular activities within this particular category is surfboarding. Most people have at least tried to surfboard in their life, but many people that are just starting out are unfamiliar with the types of surfboards that they should purchase.

    In this buyer's guide, we are going to take a look at five of the highest-rated surfboards that currently are available for purchase on Amazon's marketplace. There are many different factors to consider before completing your purchase, but you will have to consider several important things. One of the most important factors is the overall cost and value of the surfboard that you choose. Other factors include durability, style, customization options, and customer feedback.

    Every factor is extremely important to consider, but sometimes you might just have a gut-feeling towards the product that you want to purchase. The good news is that you will have plenty of time to look through our top-five selections. You can also visit the Amazon pages and take a closer look at the design specifications for each surfboard. You are also encouraged to read through the customer reviews to learn a little bit more about each product.

    We are now prepared to shift our focus towards the five surfboard reviews that will be presented in the next section. You will also get the chance to read through some of the frequently asked questions from customer. We will publish the FAQ after we have completed the review portion of this post.

    Top 5: Surfboards Review

    We are pleased to announce that our top overall selection is the Hybrid Surfboard from South Bay Board Company. This excellent surfboard was crafted with some of the highest-quality features that are currently available. There are seven different size variations available for users to select from on the main product page. The really nice thing about this particular surfboard is the fact that it was specifically designed for every type of surfer.

    It doesn't matter what skill level you rate yourself at when surfing. This surfboard is designed to be adaptable, durable, and reliable for surfers of all ages and all skill levels. This hybrid surfboard may have a significant price range, but the impressive customer ratings will express a clear signal as to why it is so popular.


    • Seven Different Customization Options.
    • Perfect Surfboard for All Skill Levels and All Ages.
    • Extremely Durable and Reliable.


    • Expensive Price Range.

    A large number of customers might be interested in the slightly more affordable price range that is offered by the THURSO SURF Aero Soft Top Surfboard. This cost-effective surfboard retains several important features, while still managing to offer a cheaper value to customers with restricted spending budgets.

    This lightweight surfboard has a maximum weight capacity of 210 pounds. The enhanced design of this surfboard is specifically focused on enhancing stability, durability, and maximum enjoyment.


    • Lightweight Surfboard Design.
    • Affordable Price Range.
    • Extremely Stable and Comfortable for All Types of Surfers.


    • Maximum Recommended Rider Weight is 210 Pounds.
    • Very Limited Customization Options.

    We are now going to shift our focus towards a surfboard that is specifically designed for beginners. This Premium Beginner Soft-Top Surfboard from the South Bay Board Company has several customization options available. There are multiple size configurations and up to seven color schemes available.

    This high-performance surfboard is perfect for beginners because it can teach them the fundamentals of surfing, while still providing a forgiving and stable surfboard that will remain reliable for long periods. This surfboard also has an optional return policy for all customers. The return policy extends for a total of thirty days where customers can receive a complete refund if they are not satisfied with their purchase.


    • Several Size and Color Customization Options.
    • Perfect Surfboard for Beginners.
    • High-Quality Design.


    • Expensive Price Range.
    • Not Specifically Designed for Professional Surfers.

    A lot of customers might like the North Gear Surfing Thruster Surfboard. This affordable and cost-effective surfboard is crafted with enhanced durability. There are also two color variations available, including either a blue and red, or a blue and white color scheme. The attached fins can optionally be removed and replaced at your discretion.

    Some customers might not like that some of quality standards are lower than some of our alternative selections, but the lower price range might be more important for some of our readers.


    • Extremely Affordable Price Range.
    • Two Color Variations Available.
    • Optional Removable Surfboard Fins.


    • Mixed Customer Feedback Ratings.
    • Minor Durability Issues.
    • Lower Quality than Alternative Surfboard Brands.

    Our fifth and final product selection within this review will provide our readers with a classic surfboard design that is certainly vibrant and visually appealing when compared to some of our other selection.

    The Wavestorm 8' Classic Surfboard is crafted with a bright red, white, and yellow design. Many of the customer ratings have praised the classic design of this surfboard, but the mid-ranged price point has some customers wondering if they should look elsewhere.


    • Mostly Positive Customer Feedback.
    • Classic Surfboard Design (Red, Yellow, and White).
    • Soft Foam Construction with Sturdy Surfboard Design.


    • Limited Quantity Available.
    • Limited Customization Options.
    • Average Price Range.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which Surfboard Is Best for Beginners?

    There are several great surfboard choices for beginners. Amazon has a major collection of high-quality surfboards, but many of them lack the necessary design features that are specifically helpful for beginners. We have highlighted several great selections that might be helpful to new surfers, but our favorite choice for beginners happens to be the Premium Beginner Soft-Top Surfboard from South Bay Board Company.

    How Much Does a Surfboard Cost?

    Surfboards can cost anywhere between 75 dollars and 500 dollars. Some premium surfboards can even cost more than double that valuation. There are several great cost-effective choices for customers to consider, and we highly recommend the North Gear Surfing Thruster Surfboard for people that are trying to get the best bang for their buck.

    Final Verdict

    We have now had the opportunity to review five outstanding surfboard products within this post. We have also had the chance to answer a couple of important questions that some customers might have about surfboards.

    It is important for our readers to understand the importance of visiting the Amazon page and reading through the customer reviews. These reviews come from personal experiences with each surfboard. You will gain important knowledge from existing customers by reading through the product reviews. We have summarized some of the reviews that we have looked through within the pros and cons of each selection.

    You will now have to begin narrowing down your selections. There are always several different factors to consider, but the information that is available within this review will make it significantly easier for you to make your final purchase selection.

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